Love in the Cupboard: A quirky, uplifting, contemporary romantic comedy is out now!

Love & Mishaps book 2

A Catholic priest seeks a wife. A betrayed woman needs an honest man.
What could possibly go wrong?

When Father Thomas Sheridan encounters Faith in a dark cupboard, he believes he’s found his future wife. But Tom isn’t brave enough to tell her the truth…

When Faith meets Tom in the office kitchenette, she can’t stand him. No matter, she’s fallen for the mysterious man she met in the cupboard and can’t wait to meet him again. Oh, and she’s got a new rule: one lie and he’s out. She’s not getting duped again.

But everyone loves Tom. From Perdita, Faith’s friend, to Hope, her chronically ill sister—who’s on the lookout for a man herself. And neighbours Luke and Gavin—who’ve fallen out over Luke wanting a baby. They urge Faith to give Tom a chance. But how can she have strong feelings for two men? And even worse, how will she react when she discovers that Tom is the man in the cupboard—and, heaven forbid, a Catholic priest?

Love in the Cupboard: A charming, sweet, quirky, farcical, hilarious, contemporary romance set in Bristol, UK. It is the second in the series but can be read as a standalone novel.

Heat level: mild – sometimes described as “fade to black” – and comedic.
Language: mild.

Readers who enjoyed the witty dialogue found in Jennifer Crusie’s Anyone But You might enjoy the dialogue in Love in the Cupboard.

Enjoy Catholic humour e.g. Father Ted and British humour e.g. Tom Sharpe? Enjoy a forbidden love story? Give Love in the Cupboard a go and buy now!

Love & Pollination: Love & Mishaps Book 1 was shortlisted for Choc Lit’s 2019 Search for a Star competition.
Mari Jane Law… knows how to keep a story rollicking along, uses language confidently, and crafts a great plot. Amazon reviewer.

Royal Mail Stamp

Royal Mail was inspired by the beautiful cover of Love & Pollination (obviously!) and so produced a stamp to commemorate Perdita’s unique coping mechanism for emotionally managing Setback Number One.

Many thanks to DuBois Publishing for having made this possible (they designed the fantastic cover). (Did you work out its meaning before reading the book?)

See the similarity between the bee and flower image on Love & Pollination and the Royal Mail stamp?

Would you let your dog drive your car?

Comedy is for everyone – including men. Watch with the sound on!

This guy was so keen to read, Love & Pollination that he asked his dog to take over the driving. Do you know a man you can recommend my whacky romantic comedy book to? – but only if he doesn’t own a dog.

A man contacted me after seeing this page and wrote: I take it the dog has already read your book? I replied: He’s the one who recommended it!