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Online enquiry: Mari Jane Law, 2 May 2020

Name: Ivan
Message: Please can you help? I want to read Love & Pollination but Kindle books can’t be downloaded from my country. If I order a paperback the guys I share with will want to know what’s in the parcel. There is no privacy here – or where we work. They could also catch me reading it. What can I do?


3 May 2020

Dear Ivan,

I’m sorry to hear about your dilemma. The easiest thing to do is to have the book delivered to a trusted female friend. She could dispose of the packaging for you. She could even cover the book in brown paper to help disguise what you are reading. If you are caught with Love & Pollination, you could say that you found it on a bus and considered it might be fun to find out what many women like to read.

Of course, there is no rule that the book is for women and not men – but this is how, unfortunately, much of the world views romantic comedies. Whilst many men might be persuaded – when accompanied by a woman – to watch a romantic film, they can be shy about admitting to others that they enjoy the genre.

It would be great if you felt close enough to your male friends that you could ‘come out’ and let them know that you like romantic comedies. Perhaps you could even share some of the jokes and offer to lend them Love & Pollination?

I hope this of help. If you do manage to get hold of a copy, I’d appreciate a review!

All the best,

Mari Jane

28 June 2020

Dear Mari Jane,

Thank you for your advice. I didn’t have a female friend to ask for help but I paid the woman who cleans our offices to receive the book – and now she’s blackmailing me.

This is your fault.


1 July 2020

Dear Ivan,

I’m sorry that your cleaner is blackmailing you. I did advise a trusted friend, not someone you have to pay. And why choose someone from your workplace? Did you explain why you wanted Love & Pollination delivered to her? Could you say she misunderstood that it was for you to read and you wanted a surprise present for your girlfriend?

Best wishes,

Mari Jane

8 July 2020

Dear Mari Jane,

I was desperate for some female support. I asked a very quiet girl – who serves our lunch – for a date. I explained the situation and she has been very understanding. She visited me at the office with Love & Pollination in her hand and kissed me in front of the cleaner to say thank you for such a great present, that she’d just finished the book and had loved it.

Now I have a girlfriend. And the cleaner has stopped threatening me.


10 July 2020

Dear Ivan,

That’s great news. I hope you will both be very happy together.

What about a review?

Best wishes,

Mari Jane

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