Love in the Cupboard: Reviews

Readers’ Favorite 5-star review from Rabia Tanveer

I loved every second of Love in the Cupboard! I finished the story and wanted to immediately start reading it again. Faith is hilarious, and the way things turn out for her is perfect. Mari Jane Law is correct in calling it a quirky romance because it is exactly that. Tom and Faith are two very different people with different values. Tom wants a wife, and Faith wants a partner who will love her and not lie to her. They complement each other, and there are sparks that neither of them can deny. Even when Faith hates Tom, she feels a connection with him. I loved the other characters as well. Hope is hilarious, while Gavin and Luke are the voices of reason but sassy. In short, it was perfection. I highly recommend this to all romance fans.

I’m very grateful to all the ARC readers who read the book prior to publication. Here are some of their comments about Love in the Cupboard:

“I absolutely loved this book… the ensuing shenanigans made me laugh out loud in places.”

“If you are looking for something light, funny and in the genre of the classic British farce, then look no further.”

“It was unique and not the regular boy meets girl story.”

“…it was an excellent story; funny, poignant, sensitive and very readable. Who would have thought that a priest in a cupboard would have so much fun!”

“What a tangled web of entertainment this is. Packed with quirky characters that are so closely interlinked it makes for a humorous and delightful read. Great representation seen in the ensemble of characters too.”

“If you are looking for something light, funny and in the genre of the classic British farce, then look no further. This book will have you giggling and laughing like a schoolchild with all its goings on.”
“Love in the Cupboard is a delight; gentle and quirky – occasionally bordering on hilarious farce.”

“I read the entire book with a smile on my face (apart from when I was snorting, chuckling, or making other noises that showed my enjoyment). This is a cracker.”

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