Here are some of the reviews for Love & Pollination people have kindly posted online – or sent me personally.

Love & Pollination is a contemporary romance novel written by Mari Jane Law. Perdita really had no experience in dating or romance, and the birds and bees lectures given by the nuns at the convent where she grew up were strictly on the level of the birds and bees. So, when her elderly client recommended that she make some changes to get herself a man, Perdita figured she might just have the solution. Violet even compared finding the right clothing to flowers being bright and colorful in order to attract the bees that pollinate them. Could she find those bright colorful items for herself, get herself noticed by a man? Violet strongly recommended a thorough makeover, and Perdita found herself unable to resist. Would it, could it work at the upcoming work conference where Tony, her crush, would be? Armed with clothing that made her legs look like they went on forever, a perfectly fitted jacket that emphasized her assets, and spiky shoes, Perdita wondered what could go wrong?

Mari Jane Law’s Love & Pollination features a marvelous naive young woman whose quiet and unassuming life is forever shaken up and stirred after she sets out to catch her man. Law’s characters are a hoot and a half, especially Violet, Perdita’s matchmaking client, Luke and Gavin, her best friends and neighbors, and Perdita herself whose place of safety often ends up being underneath the nearest table. The author’s plot is zany and filled with twists and turns, and her writing style is perfectly suited for this appealing comedy of errors. Love & Pollination is highly recommended.

Rob A bouquet of joy Amazon 5 stars

I hope everyone will enjoy following the escapades of the main characters in this novel as much as I did! A well-written novel and a very welcome addition to the romcom genre.

Amanda George A must-read for romantics everywhere Amazon 5 stars

I’ve loved chapter 1! This is hopefully the start of a great book that I’ll really be able to get into… the full 5 stars are well deserved so far! Chapter 2 was good too… poor Perdita! So far so great with this novel, still a very well-deserved five stars… I’m wondering why each chapter is only a few pages long though?? I was wrong about the chapters only being a few pages – chapter 4 was definitely longer lol I’m deeply loving this book – currently up to chapter 9 and my life has been on hold since the first page because it’s so great… not gonna finish it before bed time tonight ‘cos I’m only 22% of the way through, but it’ll be the first thing I open tomorrow morning, even at the expense of my email which is usually one of the first things I open… you *have* to get your eyes into this book in my opinion! This is getting better and better… Perdita has just taken a librarian into a shop and met a friend there… innocent, right? Read chapter 15 to find out! Yep, still just as good the next day… books don’t usually make me tearful, but I’m feeling pretty choked up with pride at the end of chapter 25! WTG Perdita! Just read chapter 35 and it was such a huge relief that it happened… got 9 pages left to read and the author is doing a fantastic job of tieing up the story… WTG author! Chapter 36 is a huuuuuge relief and the author is doing a fantastic job. This is a truly fantastic book! Just finished it and I love a happy ending… this is most definitely a must-read and I can’t recommend it highly enough!

Jean N delightful read Amazon 5 stars

This was a well written book. Very easy and delightful to read. I rarely laugh out loud but I did with this book!

Thomas Hillas  Laugh out loud entertainment Amazon 5 stars

A wacky thoroughly entertaining romp with the mixed up characters. They are just getting their act together when something, or someone, on the crazy side pops up and throws them and us into chaos.
I read it in two sessions over two days and I’m looking forward to a sequel.

Cristina Hilarious, witty and fresh. Highly recommended Amazon 5 stars

This romantic novel is highly addictive and will keep you reading, unable to put the book down. Its pages are packed with funny moments, hilarious encounters, and witty remarks. Perdita, the heroine, makes the story fresh and to stand out from other romantic novels. She is full of quirks, and has her very own and special view of the world. Delightful and exasperating in equal amounts, she will have you vouching for her from the very first pages. The author makes a terrific job with the pace of the story, carrying the reader effortless from one chapter to the next, from one laugh to another, always in his toes, not knowing what the final outcome will be until the last page. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and look forward to future publications from Mari Jane Law. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to laugh, smile, be amused, and read something with a strong dose of originality and freshness.

Shivs Getting to know Perdita Goodreads 5 stars

The heroine of this book, Perdita, is unique in my experience of reading romances. She’s funny, witty, sentimental, loyal, resourceful, naive, kind, honest, conniving, and an absolute treasure. The girl has principles and courage, and they lead her into situations, which are so entertaining, and a definite credit to the imagination of the writer.
An extraordinary innocence lands Perdita in hot water early on, and the temperature keeps rising as the book progresses. The twists and turns as the story unravelled kept me captivated. Just when I thought I was beginning to understand her, Perdita did something completely unexpected. And yet, she was so easy to identify with – her dreams, longings and hopes reflect those many of us hold. I wish I’d had half of Perdita’s creative courage in my life.
The book is jam-packed with hilarious comedic moments, not to mention tantalising descriptions of cooked lamb (hah!). Reading it became a compulsion, because I so enjoyed Perdita and the other main characters. They are well-drawn.
The best comedy romance I’ve read.

Amazon Customer An engaging rompAmazon 5 stars

I immersed myself in this book and thoroughly enjoyed it. The story line is fresh and quirky and, for someone who does not read many books of this genre, I found it entertaining and gripping. A well crafted book with a delightfully light touch. Let’s hope there are more to come from Mari Jane Law’s pen.

Chantelle Goodreads 4 stars

Perdita is so relatable she reminds me of a good friend always trying to do best in life. I found it charming with valued reflecting a vibe of normalized life & multitasking. 

High Scribe Funny and refreshing Amazon 5 stars

Perdita is now one of my all time favourite romantic heroines. I love how different she is to the tired old fiesty-fashionista gal looking for love in most romantic comedies. She’s different and once I accepted that she wasn’t the norm then I began to really enjoy the quirks of her personality. Perhaps because of her character the story is also a little different. Again a huge plus. Sometimes the rom com formula can get a bit stale. Mari Jane Law has given it a big dose of originality. I loved Saul’s character. The contrast between them does well to highlight their personalities. Funny of course, but it also entertains some very serious issues. Recommended for anyone who wants to laugh and fall in love, but also wants something a little off the beaten track.

MHC An endearingly funny romance Amazon 4 stars

It’s impossible not to engage with Perdita who, though living in the modern world, is at heart a 19th century ingénue in search of true romance. Given that her understanding of human relationships derives almost exclusively from botany, pitfalls inevitably abound, and her repeated efforts to disentangle herself from them seem to simply make matters worse. Will she ever achieve the “happy ever after” ending of her dreams?

mr Ges Hartley Good written style Amazon 5 stars

I loved the book, and as I came to the final page, I was hoping, fervently, that there would be a sequel! It was exquisitely written, stylish, and with brilliant touches of humour. I thought that it was entirely original, especially in terms of the main character, Perdita. She had a lot of integrity, and I enjoyed seeing her develop, assert her independence, learn about life but not lose her innocence, in the true meaning of the word. It was an instructive book. I don’t like trivial, cheap storylines, about shallow women, and this was anything but. It was good to see Perdita triumph over adversity, and toughen up, but at the same time make a future with the man she loves. I am totally looking forward to that sequel!

GwendaK Quirky page-turner Amazon 5 stars

A quirky and enjoyable read. Perdita, the heroine, is likeable and exasperating in equal measure and you’ll quickly become invested in her story.

Harry Goode by email (apparently, despite having bought the paperback, Amazon would not allow the posting because Harry had not spent £40 within the previous 12 months)

The path to true love is always fraught with difficulties, with misunderstandings, and with suspicions. The paradise can be glimpsed, and in these sexually freer times there can even be some going to bed together. However, if you are only two thirds of the way through the book, you know that yet another, possibly a deeper, crisis can only be pages away. The romantic novelist’s art is to make these tired old tropes credible, and to actually have us wondering about the outcome. After all, these days it is possible for the heroine to take up body building, become a Me Too activist, and forever eschew the pleasures of love. Mari Law pulls this trick off remarkably well. Until the last chapter I wasn’t sure that the curmudgeonly Saul was going to finally learn to trust our heroine Perdita. This appropriately named lost soul is finally   ….. Oh no! I mustn’t give away the ending.

Chris Points emailed to me as he is unable to leave a review on Amazon.

Perdita Riley:  We follow Perdita’s challenges, real dilemmas and setbacks. The pathways Perdita chooses to follow and the diverse and colourful characters she meets. Most notoriously, a principle free Tony who Perdita first met at a work conference.  A more caring friendship was established with Violet who was seriously unwell, lost a substantial sum of money as a result of advice allegedly offered by Perdita. Saul, Violet’s nephew, found Perdita and obliged her to look after his aunt and offer additional care. It is the so unlikely relationship between Saul and Perdita that gives the story its real interest. Gavin and Luke, Sister Margaret and Father O’Connor are well drawn and represent a broad range of characters who contribute to the richness of the circumstances that Perdita has to cope with and overcome. This is a novel of varied and challenging events. The author, Mari Jane Law, has created a story which is diverse and compelling.  A welcome new talent.