Which films have made me laugh?

In no particular order, these are a few movies that have stood out for their humour. Comedy can be subjective – what one person finds funny, another doesn’t. These show the kind (and range) of sense of humour I have.

Although I have indicated channels where I watched the films, please be aware that they will not necessarily remain available.

Check back as this is still a work in progress.

Finding Mr. Right
This sweet Hong Kong/Chinese romcom has some funny moments – even though the heroine wasn’t so nice to begin with. But then we learn her story…
Temporary Family
Hong Kong/Chinese romcom about four strangers becoming roommates after a market crash. Of course, they are incompatible… at first.
Thi Mai
Touching and amusing Spanish film about a woman – and her two friends – travelling to Vietnam. The woman wants to complete the adoption process of a child her recently deceased daughter began. The characters bring the story to life and give it some laughs.
Blind Date
Lovely French romcom about neighbours with adjoining (thin) walls getting to know each other…
Toilet – ek prem katha
Some chuckle-worthy moments in this Bollywood film about a woman’s struggles to get toilets into the village – which the men are opposed to. If you like toilet humour… watch this.
I Fine… Thank You… Love You
I was almost put off by the hero’s obnoxious behaviour but then I discovered some great laughs in this Thai romcom. The quirkiness appealed to me.
Bangkok Traffic Love Story
This Thai romcom was gently funny, and I did laugh out loud at some points.
Death at a Funeral
A great British film with dark humour, flagged up by the film’s subtitle: A Comedy of Grave Proportions. It’s hilarity is sustained right through to the very end.
The Infidel
This is a British comedy about an identity crisis – a man brought up as Muslim suddenly discovers he is Jewish… I loved it.
Delightful French romcom winner of 9 Academy Awards and voted best picture in 1958.
The Wedding Date
Sweet and funny American romantic comedy about a woman desperate not to turn up at a wedding alone – so she hires a professional male escort.
Men in Black: International
2019 American science fiction action comedy. I’ve seen Men in Black 2 with Will Smith as well. Both films are a great laugh. They probably all are.
Guardians of the Galaxy
A group of intergalactic criminals have to save the universe in this American creation. A great cast. My favourite character is Groot. The second film is just as funny, if not more so.
St Trinian’s
Amazon Prime
2007 British comedy in the spirit of the rest of the films. Except out of the ones I have seen, this is the best. A great romp.
Wild Tales
Amazon Prime
Argentinian WHACKY comedy like nothing you have ever seen before. It is broken up into stories so if one is not to your taste, forward to the next. My favourite is the last story with the wedding. Then the one with the men caught up on a lonely road. Completely outrageous behaviour.
Toc Toc
Amusing Spanish comedy about a group of people with various forms of OCD. I felt the subject was handled compassionately (if you don’t agree, did you watch it all?). See if you can guess the twist ending.
Amazon Prime
American comedy based on a French play. Two boys get into a fight. Their parents meet to discuss it. That discussion heads into chaos…
12 in a Box
Amazon Prime
British comedy. 12 people turn up to an isolated mansion for a reunion dinner. If they all manage to stay for 96 hours, they get a million each. But they must stick to the rules. It’s quite a caper of a film with some great twists.
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
I gave a few belly laughs when I watched this US film. She’s on a mission to put a guy off her in 10 days so she can write a magazine article. He’s on a mission to make a woman fall in love with him in 10 days to win an opportunity for his advertising company. Neither knows of the other’s motivation for dating. It’s a good fun film.

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