All set for Christmas

This guy is all set for Christmas. It’s Christmas Eve and the decorations are done (they’re out of the shot, but there’s a fantastic tree with lights and baubles, tinsel around the door, cards adorning the mantelpiece and strung along a wall and snowflakes stuck on the windows). He’s got a roaring fire going, a steaming drink, he’s slipped into comfy slippers and pyjamas and he’s about to have a great time.

He needs no television as he plans to indulge in non-stop reading of Love & Pollination. He’s been saving it for this very time to reward himself for all the hard graft he’s put in this year as he knows it’s going to be so, so funny.

His mates couldn’t stop talking about the scenes in the library, a particular kind of shop, the Italian restaurant and, especially, at the hospital. He wants to know what happened at the pub and in the… well, that would be giving too much away. But his mates couldn’t keep a straight face whenever Perdita was mentioned. This guy wants to be in on it too. Then he can spread the word to his mates at the gym and in his local pub.

Have you discovered how entertaining Love & Pollination is? Who is your favourite character? Human or cat?

Do let me know!

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