Confident Guys

These men have been spotted reading my book in a public place – and being confident about it at the same time! Let’s give them a round of applause!

Okay, so he thinks he’s on his own with no one to see – but he’s in public isn’t he? And he hasn’t put brown paper over the cover, has he?

I’m sure Love & Pollination isn’t a course book yet, but this student is studying it as though it were. Perhaps he’s a student of comedy and script writing? That would make sense as the book has so much witty, snappy dialogue and many comically visual scenes.

Well, although this man has his back to the room, it’s obvious he wants everyone else in the place to see what he’s reading. He’s basically showing off the fact that he’s about to start Love & Pollination! He might also be a film producer considering whether to make the book into a screenplay, having heard about its comic appeal.

I think this gentleman needs reading glasses as soon his arm won’t be long enough to get Love & Pollination into focus.

This guy can’t be separated from Love & Pollination for long so has the paperback at the ready for when his phone tells him it’s coffee time!

This guy enjoys Love & Pollination so much he’s sharing jokes with his mates in the office. They’re also considering performing sketches from the book for the annual entertainment bash. I wonder what role he’ll be playing?

Now this guy is super-confident, openly reading Love & Pollination in a public place. He’s also showing off that he knows about the 80-20 rule. Do you?

Another man caught on camera reading Love & Pollination outdoors – is this saying something about not wanting to read it at home but not minding if the rest of the world finds out?

Well, Love & Pollination is a love story so it’s fitting to end this post with a touch of romance. This couple met because they discovered they were reading the same book. Having the same taste in reading material as his partner was very important to Lucas.

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