The things guys do to hide the real them

Even a top footballer can’t openly admit to having enjoyed Love & Pollination. But read on to see what lengths these men will go to in order to keep the secret!

This Mexican man is preparing to go abroad so that no one in his own country can catch him reading Love & Pollination.

This student was so worried someone would find out his secret that he stayed up all night to finish Love & Pollination – but now he’s wasted and can’t go to college.

This young man travelled to his late grandmother’s place in the middle of nowhere to read Love & Pollination. But now that he’s finished the book, he’s very sad as he knows he’ll never have that first experience of reading the book again.

Another guy escaping to read Love & Pollination. What is it with shy guys?

This elderly gentleman is considering embarking on another expedition to read Love & Pollination in secret.

Another man working out a good place to hide away – or perhaps he wants to introduce Love & Pollination to far flung places?

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